First time renter? Avoid these 10 mistakes.

Renting, in most cases, has its challenges; however, a majority of these can be avoided by making preparations and being watchful before signing any lease contract for a new house for rent. If you are on the look out for house for rent in Malaysia, avoiding these mistakes can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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1. Picking the prettiest unit

You may have found the apartment of your dreams and at a very affordable monthly rent that you get overwhelmed by joy hence failing to look at important details like the location or number of bathrooms. What you see on the outside may be very different from the inside of the house. Always consider the interior, amenities and your lifestyle. For example, if you entertain lots of overnight houseguests, a single bathroom in your bedroom can be a big challenge. Take into account your family rituals and need for space at different times of the day. If the apartment does not flow with your lifestyle and daily rituals, then it is not the ideal one.

2. Doing apartment search based only on rental cost

Apart from the house rent, there are many other monthly expenses to consider. These include parking, electricity, heating and laundry among much more. In the case of shared house, will you manage your food together or will have to hide your food using more food containers? How pricey is the nearest grocery store and do they stock your type of food? Check if you have to drive around the block every day searching for parking or if the house for rent has ample parking for tenants. Rank your apartment based on the overall cost of living and not only the rental cost that can be very misleading.

3. Attending showings without your partner or roommate

To avoid wasting time and even missing your chosen house for rent due to delays, it is better you visit the homes and apartments together, discuss the details during the showing and, if all of you like the place, agree on the spot or shortly after. The real estate market moves so fast, and even a slight delay can cause you a week’s or month’s work of searching for a place to rent. There is no time to waste trying to convince the absent party with pictures and videos to help them make p their minds. Whatever you like will be liked by another renter and the more time you waste, the lower your chances of getting it right.

4. Failing to read the lease

Most tenants just search for the signature line without bothering to read through the lease document content. A lease is a binding contract, and if it has some unfair clauses for you, there is no way out once you sign and return their copy. It is very easy to waive your rights by signing on a lease document hat you haven’t read through. Some landlords who will hurry you through the signing, so you get no time or thought to read the document, such cases indicate suspicion in the lease and is enough to make you pause and insist on reading, or better yet, get another landlord.

5. Not checking the storage space

Failing to consider the available storage against your needs can land you into a big mess when to comes to arranging your stuff. You may not be a disorganized renter but is forced to live in a disorganized house because you did not check the storage space beforehand. You will not be able to survive the clutter. Before going out to look for a house for rent, measure your current closet space and include any allowance if you plan to expand your wardrobe. As you go through showings, you will be in a position to assess what they have to offer compared to what you need. The dimensions should suit your needs and lifestyle. Without adequate storage, no room will look tidy.

6. Hunting for apartments during the work day

It is a hell of a task searching for an apartment while maintaining a day job. Most agents are only available from 9 to 5 during the day meaning by the time you get off work they will be long gone until the next morning when you also have to report to work. The best time to view a neighborhood is in the evening since they take an entirely different appearance and feel after sunset. You will also want to see how the parking lots will be when everybody is home, how the sidewalks and hallways are lit. Consider visiting a neighborhood late in the night say 8 to 10 pm to see the life, sounds and get to feel it before committing to spending years of your life there.

7. Failing to know the address when setting up showings

If you are lucky to deal with the landlord directly, you will not have to wade this murky waters filled with realtor sharks. Some agents list apartments that are not even available for rent just to bait you. When you call for the specific one in their listing, they will say it has been taken but they can show you others just like that. Basic research before setting up a showing with the realtor is necessary to help you avoid disappointments and wastage of time. You will also be weeding out scams in the process.

8. Not verifying ownership of the house

A lot of tenants fall for this scam every day. Some scammers do take real listings of a house for rent, lower the rent and change contact details and post it as theirs. They then get the tenant to sign a lease, make payment and send some fake keys, but at the time of occupancy, the tenant gets the shock of his life after having lost two months rent to a scam artist. Do adequate research on the prospective landlord before signing the lease or sending any money.

9. Getting too small a place

Some tenants go for the smallest space to save rent money. This will force you to cram everything you own into a little space making your house unlivable. Search for a size that will fit your family or roommates without flouting any laws and making your life too uncomfortable.

10. Not checking the wiring

There are areas with many houses built more than three decades ago. If you don’t check keenly, their wiring may not have been upgraded and could cause damages to your electronics. Count the outlets and be sure they will serve all your electronics, if not ask the landlord for a solution failure to which you can look elsewhere. With so many electronics in our lives today, a house for rent with only a few outlets will force you to use an extension and have cables running all over the floor, a dangerous and untidy practice.

Actually, these tips are very important and useful for the person like us who are looking the house for rent.




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